App Review: Kahoot: How to hoot up your grades

Kahoot is an upcoming study game that allows teachers to design practice tests for students to compete with online. The game is fairly simple and works like this: Teachers can make tests over any particular topic. The questions are all multiple choice so responses have to be made within a short period of time. There is also a team feature that can be assigned to students for more competition. Once the teacher has finalized the test, a code will be assigned so students in that classroom can all join. The only downside is that for it to work, a classroom will be needed that has computers for every student or every student will have to use their own electronic device.

The questions that the teachers make will appear on their screen so a larger broadcasting system for the classroom is highly recommended for an easier viewing experience. Students can create their own name after typing in the code on the Kahoot website which will appear on the main screen to ensure that you are in the game. Each question on the board is categorized by shape/color so once students read the question and answers, they submit their answer on their own computer with the corresponding shape/color. Each question is based on points so the more right answers students submit, the higher score they will receive in the end. After each question, a leaderboard is shown so teachers can see progress between particular students during the game. Once the game is over and the final question has been answered, the player with the most points will be declared the winner. There is also a ghost mode that encourages students to answer questions from the previous test faster than the last time. Kahoot is a great way for students to review for upcoming tests or quizzes and is good because it makes students compete for the right answers. I would recommend it to all teachers who want a way for students to study together in a way that makes them remember things easier.



2 thoughts on “Kahoot

  1. I like how you elaborated on how Kahoot is an effective and fun way to study. I agree with you on how it connects students in a competitive way that encourages students to participate so that they are actually learning something. Very well written and informative.


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